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The Course

Hey there you beautiful lady! Ready to unshackle yourself from the constraints that hold you back from living authentically and freely? Jump into a transformative experience with this 2-day workshop designed to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to break free from the toxic patterns used as coping mechanisms from your toxic relationship. Whether these obstacles are in your mind, your habits, or your environment, these expertly crafted sessions will guide you through the processes of self-awareness and change. Discover how to identify the chains of limiting beliefs, break them down, and rebuild with a foundation of confidence and freedom.

This 2 day intensive is about setting you up for success in creating lasting change. We're talking about reshaping your world so that you can stay free, pursuing your goals for yourself without slipping back into old patterns. You'll walk away with practical techniques you can apply immediately to maintain your newfound liberty in various aspects of life, from personal growth to your relationships. By blending interactive exercises with actionable insights, you'll be equipped not only to tackle current challenges but also to face future ones head-on, ensuring you can stay on the path of freedom and success.

What you will learn

When I put this course together, I focused on delivering the most effective strategies I've learned over the years to make sure that you, as a beginner, can navigate your journey toward personal freedom with confidence. It's packed with clear, actionable steps carefully designed to provide you with the skill set you need to overcome common obstacles. The course layout is intuitive, ensuring you'll find each new concept builds on the previous one in a way that's both engaging and easy to follow. I'm really excited for you to dive in; the practical advice and tools you're about to gain have been transformative for others and I believe they'll be just as helpful for you in setting the foundations for lasting change.

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Your instructor

Lorianna brings a rich tapestry of professional expertise and personal triumph to her role as a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Coach. With a robust background that includes over 15 years in the wellness industry, a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Nutrition, and credentials as a Certified Health Education Specialist, she is more than well-equipped to guide participants through the transformative journey of the "Break Free Stay Free Mini Course." Her specialized knowledge is not just clinical; it is warmly empathetic, stemming from her own experiences of overcoming a decade of adversity in a toxic relationship.

Now, as a dedicated educator and author, Lorianna blends her compassionate coaching skills with an evidence-based approach to cultivate a nurturing learning environment. Whether it's breaking the shackles of toxic relationships, self-doubt, or even yo-yo dieting from complex relationships with food post-trauma, her passion for wellness radiates through her teachings. Her goal? To empower each individual with the tools for lasting self-love and holistic health in a way that’s both enlightening and deeply connected to the heart of her teaching philosophy.


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